Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy phone sex is something I love for a very personal reason that a lot of my callers know. But making you girlie and helping you find that perfect girlie girl and discovering how far you want to become her is a love. Girls like J who I love to hear her progress delight me. There is nothing better than living how you REALLY want to live.
kinky phone sex
Limits? Real Life? Blah blah. For a lot of you that is nonsense. Some have some real issues that they need to work around but if putting on your panties and prancing when everyone is out of the house is not doing it for you, then you need to step up your sissy training. Yes, it took me YEARS to move from a little girl to a teen to a woman -- just like every real girl. And you will not go from being a dude to being a perfect little sissy overnight. That is where assignments and discussion on how you felt and how you did on those sissy faggot assignments is so crucial. Ready to uncover that true little sissy princess you have in there?

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Phone Sex Mistress

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mistress for Phone Sex


BDSM is fucking awesome. I’m a switch but make no mistake I’m a rockin Domme for all you submissive bitchboys. Fuck yeah. Domination phonesex with no limits at all. If you need to give in and be the painslut you are I’ll so fucking enjoy making you cry. CBT phonesex always brings out the artist in me. Staple removers, string, candlewax, ice, hot sauce, bengay, the fucking kitchen sink — I’ll find out all the ways I can to punish that cock and balls. You can beg for mercy or you can just fucking take it — CBT phonesex painsluts always accepted by this redheaded phonesex Mistress. Or maybe youre are a strap on whore. I fucking love strap on phonesex calls. The role reversial; you bending over and me giving it to you. And I fuck nasty, I fuck hard — I’ll be the strap on Mistress who is so nasty and has so much fun fucking the shit out of you that you cannot stop craving my fat strap on up your horny fuckhole. Cuckolds, cocksuckers, footslaves, and bitches of all fetishes and fantasies are always fun too. Humiliation phonesex and name calling? Fuck yes. I always laugh at small dicked losers or horny hubbies with slut wives. Peeping tom perverts are a favorite of mine. You sick fucks jerking off to your neighbor or roommate or friends mother or someone way to fucking taboo to mention here need to call me. I’ll tease and torment just as much as the sexy sluts you spy on. Maybe more. No limits phonesex is best. Lets me it taboo and hardcore. Tell me your nastiest fantasy.

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Fetish Phone Sex


OMG, I just had the most *awesome* sissy phone sex call!

E. and I raided his closet and came up with a sexxxy pink nightie and a pair of black lacy panties for him to wear. Isn’t that a fabulous start? I totally think so! And it only gets better from there! I :heart: crossdressers!

Wanna guess what happened next? *Giggle* Well, I’ll be nice (this time) and not keep ya waiting! I called my hot boyfriend and had him come over. I mean, this guy has THE biggest dick I’ve ever SEEN! And I’ve seen lots, y’know?

Anyways, then, it was time for a little forced bi phone sex. Yayayay! So fucking hawt! I had E. suck on my boyfriend’s huge cock while I watched and giggled. Then, I opened my sissy slut’s tight little ass up with my fingers. Bet ya know what happened after that!

Yep, my boyfriend bent E. over and rammed that huge cock up his ass! Too hawt!

Are you a slutty sissy who needs to be used and humiliated? Well, then, it’s totally time to call Miss Kylie at 1*888*662*6482 for fetish phone sex. Put on your panties and pick up your phone!

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Erotic Hypnosis for Sissies

I had a totally amazing phone sex call with K yesterday. It was erotic hypnosis phone sex and we did a feminization fantasy. Can you say HOT to combine two of my favorite things into one.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

I loved having K under my spell performing all the little sissy tasks I wanted. But even more I loved planting all the suggestions for the things that little sissy is going to want to do long after our sissy phone sex call was over.



Anything Goes Phone sex with a Milf like telling what we can get in to! MMm Imagine the possiblities! Being that I am sub-domme, It enables me to indulge you in whatever you like! We can be whoever we want to be and do whatever you enjoy and take your phone sex fantasy as far as you like. Anything goes,Just ask for Milf Marla

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Bratty Teen for PHONE SEX


a complete sissy boy was looking to enter my salon to get already for a weekend of fun. no detail was spared from the make up to be put on all the way to the sexy lingerie to wear for that perfect transformation. i know your wondering did i transform that sissy boy in to a slut or a not? really all depends on the lipstick i use. ya know what they say about red dontcha?

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